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             Action against violent MP Mr. Ravindra Gaekwad

Mr. Narendra Modi,
Prime minister.
Dear Mr. Prime Minister,
India is disappointed with the work of the Member of Parliament
Mr. Ravindra Gaikwad
He proudly boasted on national television that he had struck 25 times Air India staff member with his slippers and felt perfectly appropriate. It has also been recorded on the video. This is one of the worst cases of VIP racism and hubris.
The citizens are very happy that Air India has decided not to take them as a passenger and other airlines have followed it too. We appreciate the government's support for the therapeutic stand of Air India. To ensure safety, it should be applied to any angry passenger on flights
We demand that your government should ensure the following:
1. In this case, let the police move forward according to the law without any interference.
2. Ensure that Air India is not giving one seat at least on its flights for one year.

We have seen that some political parties are defending the unforgivable actions of Shri Ravindra Gaekwad. We believe that your government will not escape such pressure.
Thank You,
This petition will be distributed:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Rajnath Singh
Minister of aviation

Jayant Sinha.


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