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                  Jis kisiki bhi mom ya sister whatsapp pe profile pic khud ki ho to jald-se-jald badal do. Kyuki whatsapp pe kuch hackers aaye hai jnke paas aapka whatsapp no hai. Wo log us profile photo ka galat use krke aapki ashleel photo banate hai. Whatsapp ke CEO ne request ki hai ki agle 20-25 din tk khud ki profile photo na rkhe. Whatsapp ke engineers aapko safe ke liye aapke saath co-operate karenge. Is msg ko aage forward karo, khas krke ladkiyon ke liye.
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How was the introduction of Can Lions under the leadership of Pride Hopper and Real Beauty Sketch?

All started with an introduction to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Fernando Machado, a global friend of Unilever's pigeon, and Angelo Ramos in "Owing to something" in CCC in Ogilvie and Mather, São Paulo. May be enabled. Little did he know that it was the beginning of becoming one of the great creative partnership partnerships of marketing.

With more than 150 awards among them, Machado, now the head of brand marketing at Burger King, and Ramos is currently a magical mix of creativity, business understanding, intuition, simplicity and mutual respect in the CC of Miami, the client agency Often overlooked in the relationship.

The way to creative success

Through marketing leadership of strategic branding efforts of CMO Axel Schwann and Machado, Burger King has been shown with awards for the last several years. With several lions already on the trophy shel…